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Friday, September 5, 2008

Write it---In Bodat Ink: Montega & Shakespear's "Ink'd Chronicle"

The lyrical world has new contenders, Bodat Ink. To the world, they are known as Montega and Shakespear, but to family and friends in their small hometown of Irvington, NJ, they are simply Curtis and Will. Bodat Ink offers Ink'd Chronicle as a twenty-track introduction to their experiences as urbanite heartthrobs. Their ability to compose and deliver bold tracks to a pop culture audience in boy-next-door charm, casts Bodat Ink as a standard to remember.

In an August 2008 interview, Montega and Shakespear shared the influence, vision, and philosophy of the Bodat Ink brand. Shakespear, 24, is ready to take on the challenges and successes the industry has to offer."I’m confident competition, I’m not afraid to say what I want to say.” As an Irvington resident in high school, Shakespear can recall situations surrounding guns, girls, and gangs. In some instances his life was in danger, while others his judgment impaired. In any case, these are the topics reflected in his music; the playlist of the 21st century urban adolescent.

Montega, 23, also welcomes the challenge that lies ahead of the Bodats. Perhaps he is most confident because of turnover regularity. Montega attributes this to a lack of creativity and an almost unwillingness to challenge the status quo. “Ink’d Chronicle” is an R&B and Hip Hop venture, where Montega not only joins Shakespear in verse, but hooks in harmony. An easy yet controversial listen, Ink’d Chronicle titles include, I’m the Man, Sour-D, and Head in da Honda. While some may perish the thought, the Bodats say: Crank the Volume! “We aren’t afraid to talk about things considered to be taboo,” commented Montega. “We are true to ourselves and I believe this will give us lasting power.”

Today’s industry suggests an artist write their own words to build creditability with fans. While Kanye West, Lil Wayne, and Jay-Z fit the mold-tenfold, they may argue that what’s most important is tearing down the crowd from the first mic check on a live stage. The ability to crank-up thousands of already screaming fans comes with practice. With arms wide open and performances under belt, Bodat Ink is working toward Hip-Hop mogul status like their BET mentors.

On August 24th, Bodat Ink participated in the Phi Beta Sigma Showcase at Eagle Rock Reservation in West Orange, NJ. The gathering also hosted voting registration for unregistered attendees. "We were able to serve our community in two ways, artistic entertainment and by promoting political involvement,” said Montega. Avidly active Obamanoids, Bodat Ink encourages their community to participate in the Constitutional right leading by example.

It is no secret that the music industry is rough and rugged terrain. Equipped with inherent composition capability, humble confidence, hot swag, and political advocacy, Bodat Ink is geared-up in Rover quality and proportion.

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