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Monday, October 26, 2009

What a Performance Doc...What a Performance!

There was quite a scene in downtown Newark on Friday, when Broad St., Park Pl. and Military Park lit up with the sights and sounds of the 2nd Annual Newark Art Parade. Over fifteen 8 ft. art modules, their designers, and the Shabazz High School band lined up at 765 Broad Street, the home of the Barat Foundation Art & Media Center to take pictures and prepare for the march.

Each piece of portable art was produced by locals including teams from Floyd Little's Athletic Clinic, Newark Boys Chorus, Central High School, Newark Vocational High School, Slam Dunk the Junk, NJ Clean Communities, and the YES Center under the creative direction of Terry McKnight, an art instructor from Newark Vocational High School.

Before the move began, residential and commercial fans, followers and media took pictures and congratulated the participants. Among the dignatires to celebrate the Barat Foundation and Newark Arts Council production, were Municipal Council member Donald Payne Jr., Newark Mayor Cory Booker, and Newark native and NJ State Senator Terese Ruiz. The Newark Art Parade kicked off Newark Open Doors, a three day multi-gallery art showcase.

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