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"He who knows his WHY in life can live through any HOW" - Victor Frankl

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Hey Jersey!

We're approaching the moment of expansion, and we're talking about it everywhere. We're registering for conferences at Jersey's best colleges, and chatting with cocktails in hand at local hotspots.

You and I are exchanging among fellow, professional tree-huggers, the feasibility AND brilliance we see in sustainability. The chatter is great, usually entertaining AND informative. But- it seems we need to qualify what sustainability MUST mean in order for so many minds to meet at any ONE juncture.

The 'S' word means ENACTING plans that ONLY support ONE outcome: Earth and opportunity exist indefinitely. That's right sustainability is a VERB! So, if the S word is YOUR goal, then it's already MORE than a buzz word to you. Thus, you belong to NJPros. If you were swept up and into the buzz-hive, then Green is only a fling, and you better hope the rest of us get it right.

The New Jersey Professionals Network is the place where eco-minded people (and folks who want to learn what the buzz is all about) meet-up to ENACT. We are shop owners and professors, analysts and writers (and of course so much more). Let's use virtual and real-time forums to enact as a cohesive unit. In this movement, the HOW becomes easier and the WHY is clearer.

We'll shake hands soon!

President, NJPros

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