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Friday, November 20, 2009

Top Ten Emerging Environmental Technologies

LiveScience introduces 1o technologies that are shaping tomorrow's globe. But, will these technologies work? Be sure to visit the Top 10 list for full disclosures, and take a look at the linked sites, for more perspective on the technologies.

10. Make Paper Obsolete
Electronic Paper has a flexible display that looks much like real paper, but can be reused.
9. Bury the Bad Stuff
A new disposal method for CO2 admission is to inject it into the ground before it reaches the atmosphere.
8. Let Plants & Microbes Clean Up After Us
Bioremediation uses native plants and microbes to clean up contamination.
7. Plant Your Roof
Roof gardens help absorb heat, take up Co2, and give off oxygen, absorb storm water, and reduce summer air conditioning costs.
6. Harness Waves and Tides
New York City's East River is now in the process of becoming the test bed for six tide-powered turbines.
5. Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion
OTEC technologies convert the thermal energy contained in the oceans and turn it into electricity.
4. Sunny New Ideas
Solar cells and solar thermal collectors must make way for more efficient solar converts that use mirrors and parabolic dishes.
3. The 'H' Power
The promise of a "hydrogen economy," however, is not one that all experts agree will ever be realized.
2. Remove the Salt
Desalination, the removal of salt and minerals from seawater, is a promising way to provide potable water in places where drinking water is limited resource.
1. Make Oil from Just about Anything
Fans of thermo-depolymerization, or making energy oil from any carbon- based waste, say a ton of turkey waste can produce 600 lbs of petrolium.