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Friday, September 12, 2008

Turning Bricks Green: A Collabortive Effort to Revitalize Newark, NJ

Residents of Newark, NJ will capture the limelight again this year, as the premier model of a sustainable green economy. The Newark’s Green Future Summit kicked off today at the NJIT campus in Newark. The Summit ran under the coordination of Mayor Cory Bookers newly appointed Sustainability Coordinator, Chelsea Albucher, The Apollo Alliance, Green for All and a host of additional private investors, community leaders, and residents.

The two-day conference began with Booker's’ strategy outline, and a vision that would create substantial economic development opportunity, specialized workforce training, and committed social rehabilitation initiatives for residents including youth, small and minority owned businesses, and ex-offenders.

“Newark is perfectly placed. How do we infuse [that] with a green economy so that we can save energy, reduce costs, and also create a better atmosphere? We show the nations what can happen when people come together fr a greater cause," said Booker.

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Jeanette said...

Newark's Green Summit truly has already changed the way that Newark's City Administration and Residents of Newark view the Environmental Movement that is happening in the world.
Already cities in America like California, Boston and New York are leading the way to a greener future and Newark will do the same.Our city is a leader in it's many resources and in the same breath limited them as well. WE must invest in our people if we are to 'change the game'.
The Green Movement is the movement of the people and ALL of us must be accountable and responsible in sustainable development and a better quality of life.

Lady Pink it was a pleasure meeting you today. All parts of the puzzle make a whole!!!! Thanks for you piece; See ya in about 7 hours.