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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Are You Ready for Green?

On Saturday, September 27th it's time to send a reverberating message to the world: I'm ready for Green jobs! In Newark, that message will come across loudly and clearly between 11am and 3pm on Lions Avenue and Bergen Street. An almost historical location for any Newarker, Cotton Funeral Home (both locations) and Level One Bakery will undergo Cool Roof /Reflective Roof retrofits.

"Cool/Reflective roofs do not absorb as much heat and therfore reduce cooling costs and associated energy demand/greenhouse gas emissions. This is just an example of efforts to green our community, green our economy and grow green jobs for all, " reports event host Renaldo DaSilva in a press release for the mission.

Sponsorship for this event was provided by the Karnak Corporation and Bradco Supply Company by way of training and materials. I encourage all Green-conscious, city/state residents and skeptics to participate in this great event. For those who may not understand the socio-economic and community benefits of the Green initiative, this event also serves as host to an ideal example. "Saving Our Selves" (S.O.S.) is a non-profit gang intervention/prevention organization that will take part in the installation process. This group was formed by the Bloods & Crips--who knew? Additional participants are members of the NJ Environmental Federation's Urban Environmental Institute (UEI), community residents, business owners, and City leaders.

For more information regarding this event, please contact Renaldo DaSilva at 973-280-2682 or renaldo_dasilva@yahoo.com.

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