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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Yes, They're Open...B&N Livingston

Barnes & Noble Bookstore adds another ribbon cutting to their repertoire of success stories. As a part-time employee of the Livingston, NJ location, I am especially proud of the B&N feat. I have always reaped the benefits of the Barnes & Nobles philosophy as a customer. Now as an employee, I understand what it takes to create that brand for customers. There's something about choosing the floor over a chair, while consistantly basking in Starbucks brew that creates the at home feeling customers and employees have come to love.

Today, from 6:00 PM until 9:00 PM fans, friends and family members, attended the Preview Night hosted by the store. Samples of cafe favorites were served in h'orderve style while cafe staff had their first run at deciphering rapid-fire Starbucks lingo. Livingston City Council members facilitated story-time for kids and Mrs. New Jersey greeted guests with a cause. Part of Preview Night 's proceeds were donated to the Livingston Public School district of which Mayor Dr. Gary Schneiderman warmly accepted on behalf of the city.

The well-orchestrated event and segue to the grand opening tomorrow, can be attributed to the dedicated staff who shelved over 200,000 books in just under six weeks, and management who facilitated the opening procedure process. Matt Mengers, General Manager comments, "It's really great to be apart of the revitalization of the mall and essentially the community here as a whole."

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