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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Another Remarkable Bush Answer to Crisis

According to Bush, the answer is straight forward. Spend $2300 per US citizen (of which there is no repayment plan) to bailout companies with irresponsible practices. The Bush plan also bails out citizens who were delusional enough to believe that a $35,000/yr job can cover a $500,000 mortgage. Although this practice is surprisingly eight years in the making, apparently, we're showing the world that America is "the best place to do business"--huh?

Well Bush (and the ultra conservatives who support the $700 billion perfect solution), our entire economy is based on unregulated, deceptive, coercive, lending practices. And, our solution for everything is borrow until you can't pay it back.

I won't pretend to have the economical resolution to this, especially since neither candidate does either. But, I do have one suggestion: ALL BONUSES AND PROFITS "DUE" TO CEO'S AND SENIOR MANAGEMENT SHOULD BE SEIZED to repay the....American bank accounts where these funds are coming from?

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