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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Inside Bobbi Brown Studio: Beauty & the Team

It’s no secret that women today are hustlers: students, coaches, chefs, executives, designers, principals, doctors, architects, and moms; many double as breadwinner, confidant, community leader, and trendsetter. With no time to abandon any of “these games,” self expression, individuality, and confidence are the creative play’s necessary to pull up- towards elite status. Part of that challenge, according to Bobbi Brown, Beauty Expert, Entrepreneur, and New York Times best seller, is to look good, and feel good, too. This lifestyle balance- on and off the field, is the apex of the reinstated national, women’s, professional, soccer league: Sky Blue Soccer.

Women’s Professional Soccer (WPS) league will resurrect in the Tri-State area next year. “In spring 2009, we will have three national teams in New York, New Jersey and Boston,” announced Ian Sawyers, Sky Blue General Manager at the “Look Good, Feel Good-Sky Blue Soccer Event” at Bobbi Brown Studio, Thursday, August 14th 2008 at 6:00 PM. “Sky Blue will be replacing the now folded WUSA league,” he continued.

Women’s United Soccer Association ardently began in 2000 and scored three seasons before declining ratings and diminishing attendance caused investors to suspend operations. Sawyers remarked, “We have new investors, and a stronger soccer community both here on the East Coast, and more specifically New York and New Jersey. There is a huge demand and we are here to earn the respect of the soccer community.”

In studio, Domenique Esposito, a seasoned forward for the 2008 W-League doubled as model for the feel-good event. An A-Team artist demonstrated Bobbi Brown’s signature 10-Step Beauty routine for a polished look at any time of day. At its conclusion, audience members participated in technique and myth Q&A, followed by a Bobbi Brown makeover. Each audience model received a customized map of pallets and products used to create their unique look.

Esposito commented,
“I’m in a league short of going pro. Whether I’m on the field playing, in a studio, on interviews, or practicing, I need to look good and be healthy.” This dual philosophy is the synergistic force that drew Sawyers to Brown. “Bobbi is committed to showing women and girls the balance between beauty and health. She encourages grass roots community leadership and so many other things that Sky Blue is trying to achieve,” said Sawyer.

Bobbi Brown currently works with
Dress for Success, a program which provides interview suits for underprivileged women as well as a Bobbi Brown beauty treatment, consultation, and an at-home essentials kit to recreate the look themselves. She has also played an instrumental part in the organizations’ fundraisers for continued community outreach.

Julie Foudy Sports Leadership Academy and Soccer Without Boarders are two community leadership initiatives teaming up with the 2009 league. Sawyers said, “The synergy between athletics, health, and beauty- ACL injury prevention, weight management, developing your voice in the world…it comes down to self-concept and having a strong vibrant personality.” These are the images that Sky Blue and Bobbi Brown diligently work to portray.

The WPS season starts April, 2009, with Bobbi Brown’s signature face. For whatever reason you’re thanking the sky, feeling good while looking great is an awesome goal for everyone.

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