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Monday, August 4, 2008

Constitutional Opini-Nation

standard - d.2 – the rule, principal, or authority that is used as the basis for judgment.

The Pink Standard is first and foremost, an escort through a subjective analysis of my life. This same diary that will become a formidable opponent to any REM schedule, will serve as my archived, recorded quote. Programmed by reality TV forwardness, and prepared by a tenacious taste for public criticism, I hope to capture my personal and professional cultivation through self-reflection and audience interaction.

At this crucially, pivotal and exciting time in my life, I welcome the opportunity to share a professional opinion with the intellectual community. The New Jersey/New York metropolitan area continues as a perennial, effector on American culture, economics, and policy, harboring a community of increasingly opinionated individuals who are receptive to paradoxical change.

I recognize life experiences, influences, and inhibitors as a will-shaping triad; a substantial element in exercising point of view. This parallels the playing field. Suddenly, civil and individual critiques are as qualifying as political gorilla suggestion, to the self-educated public. The desire to collect information, ascertain its meaning, and then validate arguments, explains the feasibility for an open source society; the form of governance that should be the humankind standard.

As a post 9-11, post I-phone, post-ARM New American culture- we, the righteously impetuous voter have an alimony-esque, Constitutional right to objectively op-ed-out on societal shifts and shuffles.

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