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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Pink'd in a New Year!

Happy New Year members of the PinkSphere!

This is the first January for The Pink Standard (TPS), and we are really excited about the next twelve months.

Not only is Pink Standard a Newark & Green cheerleader, it is the expressive platform for my company, A Letter Pink'd Editorial Consultants, a content management firm. I started A Letter Pink'd two years ago this month providing copywriting & editing services in New Jersey and New York City. While I was a student at William Paterson University, I established a client base, but knew that the next level was to solidify the brand with the help of a partner consultant. Today, I am very proud to say that I have reached that goal. At this time, I'd like to welcome Jeniffer Espaillat of Newark, NJ as an ALP Editorial Consultant and contributing writer to The Pink Standard.

With Obama officially entering office in just 20 days, the Washington, DC culture is shifting as quickly as the White House decor itself. We are excited to provide content and commentary that catalogues DC changes in Policy, Business and culture. As the nations capital, DC can also be viewed as the urban capital of America too. TPS views positive changes in DC as points to consider for adaptation in Newark, while negative happenstances should be viewed as lessons learned.

My final announcement is about our appearance. We will be switching from a Blogger hosting site to a WordPress in mid-late February. This allows us to work and read from a much cleaner and user-friendly platform. The change is also a better platform for advertisments. DON'T BE AFRAID of the AD's! They pay our bills! We will be providing as much content as possible from Urban, USA, but this requires food and travel to say the least. We will be tasteful and specific in the advertisements we choose to accept, but they will be here nonetheless. Fear not!

Thank you for traving the PinkSphere-especially my fellow Newarkers. I look forward to the year ahead and growing in knowledge with everyone.

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