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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Sustainability Is a Processes Not a Switch

"Credibility is Key" hit the nail on the head with the question, "...can you really claim to be aiming for sustainability if your fundamental business model is unsustainable?"

The simple answer is 'of course not.' Green-washing is ever present with companies like Clorox producing 'Green" options but not changing the formulas to their traditional brands. As mentioned in an earlier post, GM and DuPoint are on top toxicity lists.

But, what we have to realize is that sustainability is a process. It's the process of breaking out of old habits and adapting brand new methods that are completely opposite from our routines. For large corporations this means either a). waiting for a more cost effective way to do business b). becoming a pioneer and taking the initial loss for the long-term ROI.

This is not an easy choice at all. While they are thinking about A or B, the corporations' "greenwashed" contributions to sustainability actually makes the complicated answer ABSOLUTELY. Let's face it, we have come to depend on corporate brands in a 'stamp of approval' way. If these companies are now Greening their habits-even if it's faux Green, they are sending a very large message to the non-greened general population that sustainability is the right way to go.

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