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Saturday, December 6, 2008

No Such Thing as "Clean Coals"

As Green buzz grows, pseudo-sustainable solutions will spread as well. A current thematic falsehood, which even made its way into campaign rhetoric, is the notion of “clean-coal” energy. “Clean coal energy “is advertised to release less carbon in the atmosphere when it burns, making it a viable competitor of current energy alternatives. While McCain saw this talking point as a well- informed rejoinder, the unfortunate truth is that there is no such thing as clean burning coals. Brian Hardwick of the Reality Coalition stated, “Until U.S. coal power plants capture and store their carbon dioxide emissions, they cannot be considered "clean."

Environmental Justice Organizations (EJO’s) like The Reality Coalition and We Can Solve It are pushing legislation to initiate mandates that will reduce dependency on carbon output and incentivizes energy alternatives like wind and solar power. Wind and solar power are natural resources in abundance. Innovative implementation methods are in used globally to take advantage of this opportunity.

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