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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Why Don't You Get It Yet? Pt. 1

Ok. Here it is straight.

There are Environmental Justice Organization’s (EJOs) on the battlefield, working for change and changing some minds down in Washington and in YOUR neighborhood. These are not your crazy tree-huggers; these are logic guided socio-politico economic strategists, who have figured out how to create a NEW financial system based on American productivity and environmental savvy. These EJO’s and enviro-professionals are pioneers of the Green Collar society.

So.....the concept is really not that hard to get right? I don’t think so. The question now becomes, how will YOU increase YOUR productivity? What ways can you better your environment?

Please…remember the ENVIRONMENT is NOT just outside! It is the area where you work, pick up your children, go on a date, and celebrate a birthday. Wouldn’t you like the areas where you most…CHILL, be just a little bit nicer? A little bit cleaner? Just a bit more….sustainable?

Think about it....

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