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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Real in 2.0

As I sifted through the Q&A section on LinkedIn, I came across the question "What makes a social media profile genuine to you?" This question, a variant of what makes an effective social media platform, is asked of my by clients daily. So, I thought it best to share my answer as a Pink'd standard!

"A profile should give a rounded introduction to an individuals profession and routine. I think a profile is most "legitimate" when it is used on a constant basis, and when it gives details to a persons past, present and future-categorically of course.

Social tools like personal blogs, Twitter, and Digg profiles are great because they "track" our activities on a regular basis, so that you can see the "human" side, which enables you to engage in conversations based on focused questions and commonalities.

Turnoffs: "over-selling!" If you are commenting on a blog entry, or direct messaging a tweet, speak to me as if we met in the laundry detergent isle! These casual settings do not require flashing "35 years experience" through industry buzz words. Eeek!"
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