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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Gaming has Vampire Tendencies

Live Earth, Al Gore’s Green consciousness, released some quick Gaming tips to saving energy. Read more… But, what’s more interesting about the suggestions is (a) how simple and unobtrusive they are (b) how apparent a reduction in your electricity bill is most likely to occur.

Turn off the console when not in use
Use the Power Saver Mode
Don’t Watch Movies on Your Game System
Dispose of Mangled Systems Properly

This line of thinking alludes to another SIMPLE concept called vampire lights. The image alone denotes its meaning. Vampire lights are those little red, green, and blue lights that are left on when household items are turned “off.” This can include DVD players, Play Stations, Radios, computer monitors on standby, etc. This wastes energy. A lot of it! Unplug your electronics when you are not using them, save energy and save the planet.

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Michael Te-Djane said...

Calvin has to listen to this. lol. hey pam