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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Local Cleaning Service Goes Green

North Bergen, New Jersey - Tina’s Cleaning Service, the popular home and office cleaning company that serves the Greater New York area, has officially made the important environmentally sound transition to “CLEANING GREEN.”

One of the most important recent changes in the cleaning and janitorial business is the growing awareness of environmental concerns and possible harmful effects of the chemicals that are currently used by most cleaning service. There is a growing consumer demand for cleaning supplies that are both non-toxic and earth-friendly.

“We want to keep the high standards that our clientele expect, and at the same time we recognize that toxic chemicals are no longer an option for the educated consumer,” says Tina Ison, owner of Tina’s Cleaning Service. After extensive research, Ison decided that creating her own brand was the best way to address the concern.

The cleaning products, which are manufactured by Ison and safety tested, are not just non-toxic to ensure the health and safety of children and pets, but also environmentally friendly. The product line, which includes liquid hand soap, window cleaner, furniture polish, and an all-purpose cleaning solution, are sold on-line through the company website as well as in local stores. They are moderately priced with easy-to-read labels.

Cleaning green is only one of the Tina’s Cleaning Service advantages over competition: most other cleaning businesses operate during standard business hours, so that customers who prefer to be at home with the cleaning staff but work full time are unable to do so. Tina’s Cleaning offers non-traditional hours to accommodate such clients. Tina’s service is available during early morning and late evening hours, as well as weekends. While other companies often hire workers with a limited understanding of English which frustrates the English-speaking customer, all of Tina’s employees speak and understand English fluently. All of Tina’s employees are trained by the owner and are fully bonded.

Whether the service is general cleaning; move-ins or move-outs; post-construction or after-party clean up; or specialized cleaning per the customer’s request, Tina’s prides itself on offering reasonable prices, prompt and timely service and a professional attitude. And now that Tina’s has gone green, quality service with quality products, provided by quality people is what Tina’s Cleaning Service is all about.

For more information contact:

Tina’s Cleaning Service
7709 Broadway
North Bergen, NJ 07047
(201) 869-7231 (212) 252-4089

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