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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Stand by Your Brand

"Branding is the expression of your value," says Melissa Dawn Johnson, creator, Brand Me Minutes. The Essence.com contributing writer believes whether you're trying to get ahead at work or in school, "you are always presenting and repackaging your value." Depending on how clearly you present your value, determines how much an individual will buy into it. To survive the fire storm of brands out there takes courage and motivation. Take a look at Melissa Johnson's video that speaks to weathering the storm.

Ms. Johnson's logic plays out pretty clearly in my life. And what is equally noteworthy, is how some folks can be intimidated by your value. Johnson says, "people get their impression in 3-5 seconds. They only know what you give them; verbal and nonverbal." This means, one has to be confident in their message, and decisive in their delivery.

Here's how this apparent truth has played out in my life. A few years ago I went for a job interview at a distribution headquarters in Fairfield, New Jersey. I interviewed with the Vice President of Marketing & Communications, who asked me a series of questions about my resume. On it, I provide detailed accounts of my positions in administrative support and operations management. My experiences were generally in the hospitality industry, in addition to several temporary assignments at corporations in New York City and New Jersey. After reading all that was impressive for a professional college graduate with responsibility under her belt, Mr. VP stopped, stared, and questioned me about what he read last called, "A Letter Pink'd Editorial Consultant." He asked me, "What's Pink'd? Do you write in pink color? "

I responded, "I am a freelance writer, and I produce cross-sector professional copy. Pink is more than a color to me, so it's my personal guarantee in my services to clients. LadyPink is my pen name." Mr. VP a mid-50's, peppered man smiled and said, "I don't relate to the color, but I can definitely appreciate your brand. I believe you too!" I smiled and reveled in the fact that the brand was effective.

Today's financial, sustainable, and creative rebirths are being spearheaded by innovative thinkers, who effectively showcase their brands as memorable, knowledgeable, and reliable. You might be asking, "How does one make their brand stand out?" Well, in case you haven't noticed, design and presentation is key.

Web pages, blogs, social apps, feeds, and e-blasts are in-your-face communication portals we are all plugged into. These five notifications make transparent what we do, want to do, will do, and have done. As you plan your coming out party, and your packaging inclusions remember - Fabulous design and invigorating copy is what baits, hooks, and preserves your space in the mind of collaborators.

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