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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

It's Not that Bad, Jersey--Really!

So Christie won and there are a lot of upset Democrats. Why are they upset? Because, things are going to be shook up over the next four years. Status quos will be challenged everywhere, and business as usual will be redefined for many city and education governments.

If that’s not a consolation, then think about this. How long has your town been under the same regimen? How long have city services and education systems remained epic, tiring and troublesome? Have any of your elected officials been arrested lately?

New Jersey is broken-and it’s not Jon Corzine’s fault. He was just a rich man with time, executive experience, and the chance of his lifetime to play an awesome game. Except that game was with our lives!

Jersey needs a chance to become competitive again. Graduates from our distinguished universities should have the chance to lay their knowledge on the state where they built their foundation. The retail industry should bustle, providing jobs, culture, and tax revenue. Our schools should be nurturing and cultivating genesis’s, with 21st century educators determined to teach in the times!

I can’t say I KNOW Governor Chris Christie can accomplish all that needs to be done in New Jersey. However, “we’re going to turn Trenton upside down,” not only sounds like a promise I can hold him to, but a foreshadow. Whatever is going up in Jersey’s municipalities—will be going down.

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