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Sunday, May 31, 2009

From "Heart of Stone" on TNN

When will media showcase the Newark, Newarkers know? --LadyPink

...In reality there are many youth in Newark who are doing the right thing, everyday. They are not violent. They have never been involved in gangs. They are moving forward with limited resources, going on to higher education, and leading productive lives. There are a number of individuals and organizations who are actively helping youth to get and stay on the right track. These students, and residents (and their ideas) are almost never highlighted. Outsiders’ focus on Newark is largely on a limited breadth of issues that sell tickets.

The film does show some students moving in a productive direction (one troubled youth is on a successful college track), but more as the exception and not the rule. You may be thinking, “Well then, there can’t be many Newark youth doing the right thing....more

So, what does your Newark look like?

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