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Monday, May 25, 2009

Brenda Toyloy Speaks Against the MUA Proposal

The Municipal Utilities Authority (MUA) is a serious proposal on the table for Newark residents. Many are speaking out against this matter and one Newark leader in particular, Brenda Toyloy is fighting against it and encourages others to join her voice in saying 'no' to privatizing Newark's water system.
We super neighborhood leaders were charged to galvanize our community stake holders, address the needs of our communities, work collaboratively to build and compile our resources, design effective solutions for the super neighborhood community within our designated areas as well as work with government officials! Our Mayor Cory Booker charged us to hold him accountable!

In regards to establishing a Municipal/County Utility Authority (MUA) in Newark, Weequahic's Super Neighborhood has issued a RESOUNDING NO! Yes, there is a financial crisis looming over all cities (not just NEWARK) within the United States of America, because American Corporations in their quest for CONTROL continued to utilize an economic model infused with GREED. We cannot afford to continue use the same economic model that is embedded in the MUA LAW, nor can we operate in this vain way.

I initiated meetings to get a better understanding of Mayor Booker’s position regarding the MUA with: Executive Director, Linda Brashear of Newark Watershed Conservation and Community Development Corporation NWCDC (3.5 hours @ the Newark Watershed Conservation Development Corporation Headquarters - 40 Clinton Street). NWCDC is the non-profit organization that submitted the request to the Municipal Council to adopt the MUA. Linda Brashear is employed and maintains her employment at the behest of the Board of Directors of NWCDC. Mayor Cory Booker, Chairs that organization, Councilman Oscar James II and Council Member at Large Donald Payne Jr. are BOARD members. I had an one hour lunch with Deputy Mayor Margarita Muniz in her office who at the time knew nothing of the MUA (she supports it now); a one hour snack and conversation with South Ward Councilman Oscar James II in my home, who said when I asked him, what he thought about the SNCC? He said, " the SNCC lives and dies with you Brenda," and The MUA?... he said... "just believe!" I've relayed information to Anthony Welch from Newark Now via emails and had dinner with Modia Butler at Nicks on Central Avenue, now Chief of Staff for the Mayor.

My final meeting ended with the Chief of Staff asking me to "just be quiet, we will put you on the BOARD so you can address your concerns! Have faith in the Mayor.” When I told him the Council chooses the board members to the MUA he replied, "the Mayor also chooses a member!" My answer is "NO I WILL NOT BE QUIET, I DO NOT WANT TO BE ON THE MUA BOARD!" I believe WATER is a HUMAN RIGHT!
--Brenda Toyloy, Chairperson, Weequahic Park Super Neighborhood

The Newark Water Group, a collection of residential, corporate and community stakeholders, are holding a rally at City Hall on June 17th 2009 from 5:00 PM to 6:30 as a precursor to the Municipal Council Meeting at 6:30 PM. All Newarkers (those who live, work, play in Newark) are invited to attend both gatherings.

If you are inspired by the efforts of Brenda Toyloy and the Newark Water Group, then join them in sharing MUA concerns with Newark elected officials.

Councilman Oscar S. James II - 973.733.6563
Councilmember at Large Donald Payne, Jr. - 973.733.3753
Councilmember at Large Carlos Gonzalez - 973.733.6425
Councilmember at Large Luis Quintana - 973.733.5882
Council President Mildred Crump - 973.733.8043

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