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Monday, November 3, 2008

On The Eve of History

The most grueling presidential roller coaster in US history will come to an end when Americans make their choice tomorrow. There’s never been a more important and impressive time to exercise your Constitutional right to vote then November 4th 2008. The next leader of the United States of America will be the American declaration for indivisibility, liberty, and justice for all infused with a responsibility to unite Americans as honestly as 9-11 patriotism, and with as much sincerity as Hurricane Katrina sentiment.

The race has been long, and the candidates are tired. The voters have tolerated media mayhem: the ability to uncover every intrinsic detail of campaign topicality. Stories and perspectives that may or may not have been relevant were stripped to nuances, while talking points were as tiring as spam. But! There is still one more hurdle to jump before the finish line: Election day itself!

Barack Obama and John McCain couldn’t be any more different, neither Biden nor Palin for that matter. For a Presidential election that has truly been no holds bar, the actualization of tomorrow couldn’t be more surreal. Voter turnout will be at Guinness highs, while voter experience and scare tactics just as epic.

American history is stained with primitive moments in civics, economics, war, and leadership. There is an almost philanthropic need for a shift in local, national, and global perception. American discourse and direction weighs heavy on the rest of the world, thus the severity of this election. The War on Terror must strike a chord of recoiled purpose. Wall Street has sown seeds of greed, deception, terror, and selfishness, a harvest that will become the greatest burden yet of the American people. The Earth is shrilling for restoration amid inhabitants of selective hearing.

America this is history! Whether the tally reads Obama or McCain, election 2008 is history. Society is just enough out-of-wack for noble change to be realistic, and an Obama-elect is a litmus test of American readiness for dynamic change; thus, the crescendo that is November 4th.

As the paradoxical party exposition reaches climax, it’s time for America to answer: Will we choose a candidate that will bring priority, pride, and honor to the captains seat of Global Superpower?

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