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Friday, October 24, 2008

Hey Newark! Do Something


So the scum of the Earth challenges my cities safety, confidence, and opportunity for growth again. This time, they endanger my brothers and his friends lives, and not a single store owner, pedestrian, crossing guard, or passerby knows how or why? I am so sick of Newarkers (and non) casually forgetting evidence and clues that can lock up the God-less creatures that are responsible for Newark violence.

I love Newark. There is nothing that can happen here that can change that because this is the home that has made me who I am today. But I don't have to like those Newarkers (people who live-work-play in Newark), who want to point the finger of blame to Republicans, Democrats, Mayors, City Council, and Community Organizers for "not taking action," when you Mr. or Ms. Newarker refuse to call the anonymous tip line to report what goes on outside your window.

There are certain problem areas in Newark--no kidding. And if you live there you know this even more so. Yes, the police should be patrolling 24-7: documenting reoccurring unethical activities. But they can't do everything alone. It requires a constituent-wide effort to get the dangerous and malicious off our streets.

It is not an easy task. It is not a simple one. And we can't expect a leader to penetrate the impenetrable. A mother knows if her son is a killer, the disconnect, the deceit, the hours away from home, the money without the job, the inability to look in her eyes. It's a reality that no mother should ever have to face. But it must be faced if shot up teenagers on school grounds is an intolerable concept.

My heart is aching and tears are streaming. I have so much hope for Newark's future, but we must face the present. Violence occurs for many reasons stemming from poverty, destitution, and pain. Hopelessness is a disease as burdening as end stage cancer. We can point the finger of blame anywhere that enables us to sleep at night, but it needs to point at ourselves first. If we do not accept the fact that Gangs are real and in our schools, neighborhoods, and homes, and they are the primary vehicle of violence in Newark, then a Green Collar future is far, far away.

We must devise a tangibly logical solution to this multilevel problem that resolves fundamental issues based on community accountability. We Newarkers, do not need a political leader to resolve these issues, we need to be responsible neighborhood stakeholders and aggressive crime stoppers.

I'm tired of seeing posts on websites calling all Newarkers lawless, cutthroat, animal-like, heathens. I am an educated, intelligent, faithful Newark resident, and most Newark residents can sing a similar song. Let's sound the right tune Newark, let's shift the perception of our city. Let's take back our streets, and rid ourselves of those who wish to sit idly
by and let murders pose as neighbors.

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